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Andrew Hoyer : HTML 5 experiments

Jan 7th, 2014

Andrew Hoyer is a software engineer who make good web experiments. Like this one below, The Tumbler, which is a physic simulation made with the motor box2dweb : Or this one called « The Blop », an another physic simulation : So you must check it out, it’s just amazing !

WordPress 3.8 « Parker » is out !

Déc 12th, 2013

WordPress 3.8 is out with a fresh new look ! A much more modern interface and with flat design :things are more clear now.   WordPress is now responsive and more color schemes are available.   For most of the changes, they’ve essentially worked on the user interface. They also refined theme management. You can find more […]

Timeline video

Oct 5th, 2013

Foxstream is a company which sell video monitoring systems and video analysing programs. They needed a web interface to manipulate video records and alarms. The interface isn’t available to public, it’s only for client.

Plugin.js : a jQuery plugin bootstrap

Oct 1st, 2013

A lightweight (0.5kb) jQuery plugins bootstrap. Actually, this little piece of code allow you to build very easily basic & advanced jQuery plugins. See a demo here Quick look Plugin definition Plugin(« highlight », { init:function($this){ $this.css(« color », »#F00″); } } ); Usage $(« #element »).highlight(); // font color in red   Getting stated Just add the file in your project […]