Illustrator CC 17.1 is out with awesome features ! Let’s check the main ones.

Dynamic angles

ai-live-corners.207x116Firstly, they’ve greatly simplified corners manipulation. Before, we had to go to effect > special > rounded. But now, with just the direct selection (A : white arrow), we can drag corners to change their apparence. By double clicking on the corner icon, we can change parameters. But the best addition in this feature is that now we can manipulate each corner of the same shape independently from each others. So no need to expand appearance and change manually each corners, to do this. By keeping the shift key while draging a corner, all the other corners will follow the transformation.

New pencil tool

ai-new-pencil-tool.207x116The pencil tool been redesigned. Now we can draw straight lines by holding the shift key. Theres also more options when you double click on its icon in the toolbar. I’m not a big fan of this tool, but I think those who use it will appreciate these changes.


Path segment reshaping

ai-path-segment-reshape.207x116Manipulating paths and curves isn’t always easy. So they decided to help us a lot. Now we can easely drag an existing path to curve it. No need to hold the handles trying to move them at each side to get the curve wished. The handles are still there to get a more precise result.

The other changes can be find here.