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Object.js : better way for OOP in JS

Déc 22nd, 2014

Give an extend capacity to Object class. OOP in javascript is more convenient now ! (I hope) What’s in there ? Object.prototype get 2 extra things : Parent : A pointer to parent’s prototype. In the case of Object : Parent = null, because it is the super class parent(): An helper to call parent’s […]

Plugin.js : a jQuery plugin bootstrap

Oct 1st, 2013

A lightweight (0.5kb) jQuery plugins bootstrap. Actually, this little piece of code allow you to build very easily basic & advanced jQuery plugins. See a demo here Quick look Plugin definition Plugin(« highlight », { init:function($this){ $this.css(« color », »#F00″); } } ); Usage $(« #element »).highlight(); // font color in red   Getting stated Just add the file in your project […]